Multiple Teams · Q&A With Hayley Vineyard

Q .Are you excited about tonight’s game?

A.Yes, it determines whether or not we advance into the playoffs.

Q.Why is La Marque such a big game for ya’ll?

A.We have to win this game to further our chances to playoffs. This team allows us to display our talent and skills as a team.

Q.Are ya’ll excited about the possibility of making the playoffs?

A .Yes, we are. We have not gone to the playoffs in a long time, and we have dedicated our time and worked hard to make it where we are.

Q.What is your routine for game day?

A. On game day I normally try to stay focused on my opponent and task. As a team we practice coverage and serving.

Q.What is your primary position?

A. Front row hitter and blocker. Although I prefer front middle.